Visitors from some countries may require a visa to enter Japan. Those countries include China, Indea, and Russia. For information on this, please visit the Foreign Office website. If you require a visa, please make contact with at your earliest convenience. We need the following information to start the process:

1. Your nationality
2. Your full name in the English alphabet as written in your passport
3. Your birth date
4. Your affiliation
5. Your position at your affiliation


In the end of May, we enjoy a mild weather of early summer in Tsukuba. The daytime temperature in the end of May averages around 18-21 degree Celsius, but it is normally much cooler in the evenings. We might have some occational rain because of the rainy season which usually starts in the middle of June.


Japanese Yen (JPY) is the Japanese currency. 1 U.S. Dollor is exchanged to 118 Japanese Yen as of February, 2006. Most hotels and expensive restaurants accept major credit cards. Above all, Visa, Master, and JCB are widely accepted. Supermarkets, convenience stores, and casual restaurants, however, often accept only cash. You may have to prepare some cash for your transportation also.

You can easily exchange your money at a bank or a post office in Japan. Nearby "Joyo Bank" at Tsukuba Center accepts major currencies, which includes U.S. Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, and Canadian Dollar. We have confirmed that Korean Won is accepted at post office besides the above currencies. We recommend you to exchange other currencies at the Narita International Airport. As for currency exchange at Narita Airport, please refer to "Service guide" page of the Narita Airport website. While only a small percentage of ATM's accept foreign cards in Japan, the ATM's in post office may accept your international credit card or cash card. Details will be found in "Affiliated services with ATM/CD" page of the Postal Savings website. A post office locates one block away from Tsukuba Center.

As Traveler's Checks are not widely accepted in Japan, you may have to cash it at a bank or a post office in advance. Nearby "Joyo Bank" accepts American Express TC. Post office accepts American Express TC and Mistui Sumitomo Visa TC. Details will be found in "Foreign currency exchange and Traveler's Check" page of the Postal Saving website.


Japanese electrical standards are 50Hz, 100Volts. Appliances set up for 220/240V will require a transformer if they don't already have built-in voltage adjustment. Japan also uses a 2-brade plug, which is the same with that used in U.S. and Canada.

International phone call

You are supposed to be able to place a direct international phone call from your hotel room, but it is usually less expensive to use a prepaid international calling card (KDDI Super World Card) which is available in a convenience store. You may find calling cards from foreign carriers which are often still less expensive.

Internet access

The internet access (wired LAN) is available from your hotel room for free of charge, provided that you have booked your room at one of our workshop hotels. A wireless LAN will also be set up at the workshop site.


The organizers of ICFA-HB2006 workshop do not accept liability for individual medical, travel or personal insurance, and participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal insurance.

If you have any comments or questions on this workshop, please send an e-mail to