Tsukuba is a suburban city of the Tokyo Metropolitan area locating 50 km northeast of downtown Tokyo, and 40 km northwest of Narita International Airport. We have an Airport Bus service between Tsukuba and Narita International Airport. We also have a new train service which connects Tsukuba to Akihabara in 45 minutes. The train, called "Tsukuba Express", started running in August, 2005, which greatly improved the transportation between Tsukuba and Tokyo. Both the workshop site and the workshop hotels locate in the walking distance from "Tsukuba Center", where the bus terminal and the new train station are locating.

You will find some access information in the following. If you need further assistance, please contact to hb2006@kek.jp.

Please refer to "access info" pages of the workshop site and the workshop hotels, also.

Access info page of the workshop site
Access info page of the workshop hotels
City map around Tsukuba Center

From Narita International Airport

The simplest yet most expensive way to come to Tsukuba from Narita Airport is to take a taxi. It would cost you approximately 18,000 yen. Please designate your destination as "Tsukuba center" or simply the name of your hotel. It will take approximately an hour and a half.

You may take an airport bus called "Airport Liner - NATT'S" to Tsukuba Center Bus terminal. The bus stop is located right outside of Narita Airport terminal. Tickets from Narita Airport to Tsukuba-center bus terminal are available at the Keisei Bus ticket counter located in the arrival lobby. The fare is 2,540 yen for an adult, and 1,270 yen for a child. Bus stop number is #15 at Terminal-1, and #12 at Terminal-2, as of January 2005. Check the latest information at the ticket counter before you go outside of the lobby. The bus is bound for "Tsuchiura Station".

Narita International Airport
Airport Liner NATT'S time table

From Downtown Tokyo

Find a way to reach "Akihabara" train station from where you leave. If you are at Tokyo train station, take "Yamanote" line from there. It will take 4 minutes or so to reach Akihabara station.

From the Akihabara station, take "Tsukuba Express" line to "Tsukuba" terminal. It will take 45 minutes by Rapid, 52 minutes by Semi-Rapid, and 57 minutes by Local. As "Yamanote" line and "Tsukuba Express" are run by different companies (JR and TX), you need to exit the ticket gate of JR and buy a ticket for "Tsukuba Express" at a TX ticket counter. TX Akihabara station locates underground of JR Akihabara station. The fare for "Tsukuba Express" is 1,150 yen for an adult, and 580 yen for a child.

Tsukuba Express time table

"Sakura-Tsuchiura" of Joban highway is the nearest exit ramp. After exiting the ramp, please follow the sign "Tsukuba" or "Tsukuba Science City", then turn to the right at the crossing with "Higashi Oh Dohri". Then, turn to the left at "Minami Oh Dohri". After tuning to the right at the first signal, you will find Epocal on the right side.
If you come to the workshop site by car, please use "North Parking", "South Parking", or "South 4A Parking" on the map. One-day parking tickets are available with a subsidized rate at the workshop secretariat.

If you have any comments or questions on this workshop, please send an e-mail to hb2006@kek.jp.