Registration for HB2006 was closed. The list of participants is available from the following link:

Participants and Sponsors

The registration fee for this workshop is

30,000 JPY (about 270 USD) for early registration (until May 12, 2006),

35,000 JPY (about 320 USD) for late registration.

No meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included in the registration fee. However, we provide some refreshments and snacks during coffee breaks. The reception drinks and the banquet are subsidized by companies and a local government, and thus they are not charged separately.

All the participants for the ICFA-HB2006 workshop are requested to make registration through our web site before May 26, 2006. Online payment with a credit card will be available until May 12, 2006, after which only cash upon workshop will be accepted.

Please make sure to verify your JACoW profile on our database and register your "registration numbr" to the database in addition to filling out the registration form, unless your name may not appear on the participants list. The participants list will be created using a database system developed by JACoW, which is separated from our registration and online payment system.

Step 1. Verify your JACoW profile

If you have already verified your JACoW profile in submitting your abstract, please skip this step.

If you participated in a recent PAC, EPAC, and other JACoW-collaborating conferences, you should already have a JACoW profile (username and password) to login to our database.

To verify your JACoW profile, proceed to "Finding a Profile" page of the ICFA-HB2006 workshop database, and click "Search" button after entering your last name or e-mail address.

If you find your profile on the matched profile listing, click "Select Above" button to check if your information is up to date. On this stage, you can retrieve your password if needed. To correct your information, please login to our database by clicking "Logon To Your Account" button and follow the "Modify Your Profile" link.

If you don't find your profile on the matched profile listing, proceed to "Create a New Profile" page, where you can set up your username and password to login to our database.

Step 2. Make your registration

Fill out the ICFA-HB2006 workshop registration form and submit your registration information. On-line payment will be processed on this stage, if you choose "credit card" for your payment. The "accompanying persons" in the registration form do not include yourself. Then, if you have no accompanying person other than yourself, please just fill in 0 in all questions in the accompanying persons entry.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you after submittal, which includes your "registration number".

Step 3. Register your registration number to our database

Proceed to "Registration Page" of the ICFA-HB2006 workshop database. After entering your name and "registration number", click the "submit" button.

This process is required to relate your registration information to your account on our database.

If you have any comments or questions on this workshop, please send an e-mail to