General instructions

Visual presentations should be made electronically using the equipment provided by the convention center. The presentation equipments provided by the convention center are data projectors and PCs with Windows XP installed. The slide file for your presentation will be downloaded from the "Indico" server to the PCs. If you need to connect your own PC to the data projector, please notify us in advance. An overhead projector will be prepared only upon request.

The duration of the oral presentation

The standard duration for the oral presentation is as follows;

Plenary: 35 min + 5 min

Invited Parallel: 25 min + 5 min

Contributed Parallel: 15 min + 5 min

If the allocated duration for your talk is different from the above standard, you will be informed by session conveners.

Slide file upload

All speakers are requested to submit their slide files (PowerPoint file, PDF file, etc.) prior to the presentation through "Indico system". Your slide file will be downloaded to the PC for the presentation from the Indico server.

Step 1: Prepare your slide file
Your slide file should be named according to the paper's ID, e.g. for paper MOAP01, the file name should be:
MOAP01.ppt - the MicroSoft PowerPoint file
MOAP01.doc - the MicroSoft Word file
MOAP01.pdf - the PDF file
If you use a slide file of other formats, please contact to the workshop secretariat.

Step 2: Create your Indico account
All speakers are supposed to recieve an e-mail with the subject of "[Indico] User account creation required" in mid-May. Following the link in the e-mail, you reach a web page where you can create your account on the Indico server. After entering your preferred user name (login name) and password, please click the "confirm" button.

Step 3. Activate your Indico account
If your account is created successfully, you will recieved an e-mail with the subject of "Confirmation requested". Following the link in the e-mail, you reach a web page where you can activate your Indico account. Clicking the "send me my login and password by e-mail" button, you can activate your Indico account. Then, you will received an e-mail with the subject of "Login information" which includes your user name and password on our Indico server.

Step 4. Login to Indico sever
You can login to the indico server at the login page where you can enter your user name and password.

Step 5. Proceed to the file submission page
Following the link "ICFA-HB2006" in May 2006, you can reach the "overview" page for the HB2006 workshop. Moving to the "timetable" and the link for your session, you will find a link to your presentation. Following the link to your presenation, you reach the "contribution details page" for your presentation which includes the "submit material" button. Clicking the "submit material" button, you reach a web page where you can submit a slide file.

Step 6. Submit your slide file
Please sumit you slide file itself, not the URL for your slide file. Please set the number of files to 1, choose the type "slides", choose the file to upload, and then click the submit button. Then, your slide file will be uploaded to the Indico server.

Step 7. Confirm your uploaded file
You can download the slid file from the "contribution details page" by clicking the "slides" link.

Step 8. Replace your previously uploaded file if necessary
In replacing your previously uploaded file, you are requested to delete your previously uploaded files manually. You can delete the previously uploaded files at the page where you can uploaded slide files . In the top of table called "Existing material", you can see all the previously uploaded files with the date and time of submission. You can delete them by clicking the red cross symbols in the their front.

If you have any comments or questions on this workshop, please send an e-mail to