The 39th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on "High Intensity High Brightness Hadron Beams, HB2006" is to be held at the EPOCAL International Congress Center in Tsukuba City, Japan, near KEK from May 29 to June 2, 2006. This Workshop is co-sponsored by KEK and JAEA (previously JAERI).

The themes of this workshop follow closely those of the previously held two workshops in the same series: ICFA-HB2002 (April 8-12, 2002 at Fermi-lab, USA) and ICFA-HB2004 (October 18-22, 2004, in Bensheim, Germany), which cover a wide range of issues associated with high intensity hadron beams. This time, however, since the commissioning of SNS will be already started by the time of the workshop and the construction of J-PARC will be nearly completed, more emphasis on J-PARC and SNS will be made as on-going major projects of the hadron machines.

The first and the last days are devoted to the plenary sessions for opening, reviews and working group summaries. The middle three days are dedicated to the working activities.The subjects of the working groups include

A) Beam instabilities and their cures
B) Space-charge theory, simulations, and experiments
C) Beam diagnostics, collimation, injection / extraction, and targetry
D) Beam cooling and intra-beam scattering
E) High intensity linacs / Proton drivers
F) FFAG and other advanced accelerators and techniques
G) Commissioning strategies and procedures

Parallel invited sessions will be held in the morning for each topic and will be moved to the working sessions for the same topic in the afternoon. The working sessions will contain organized discussions as well as contributed papers, which will be selected from submitted abstracts by the session conveners. We encourage submission of contributed oral talks to be presented in the working sessions. Workshop proceedings containing all invited and contributed papers will be published on the JACoW web site, as well as its hard-copies and CD's will be published from KEK.

Details of the HB2006 Workshop appear on the web at

Please direct all the inquiries concerning this workshop to the e-mail address of the workshop secretariat; Your e-mail will be forwarded to the most appropriate personnel for your inquiry.

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