Abstracts submission for HB2006 was closed.

You can see all submitted abstracts by clicking the following hyperlink, which led you to a "search panel". In the search panel, if you choose "Contribution ID" in the First Sort and click "Search" button, you can see all abstracts in the chronological order of submission. If you choose "Main Classification", you can see them classified according to the sessions where they are submitted to.

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The dead line for the abstract submission to ICFA-HB2006 is

March 24, 2006

Due to time limitation in the working sessions, the acceptance of the contributed talks is subject to the approval by the session conveners. The contributed talks in the working sessions will be selected based on the submitted abstracts.

All the contributions should be specified with a working group, where the presentation, if it is accepted, is the most appropriate.

Invited speakers are also requested to submit their abstracts preceding the paper submission.

We will post the entire list of abstracts on our website as well as distribute its hard copies at the workshop.

The abstract text should not exceed 1200 characters.

Step 1. Verify your JACoW profile

If you have already verified your JACoW profile in making your registration, please skip this step.

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To verify your JACoW profile, proceed to "Finding a Profile" page of the ICFA-HB2006 workshop database, and click "Search" button after entering your last name or e-mail address.

If you find your profile on the matched profile listing, click "Select Above" button to check if your information is up to date. On this stage, you can retrieve your password if needed. To correct your information, please login to our database by clicking "Logon To Your Account" button and follow the "Modify Your Profile" link.

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Step 2. Submit your abstract

Login to the ICFA-HB2006 workshop database with your username and password, and proceed to "Submit a New Abstract" page.

After entering your abstract information, click the "Save Changes" button.

You can add co-authors on this stage, if any (You may need to create JACoW profiles for co-authors).

Then, click "Update" button to finalize the submittal.

If you have any comments or questions on this workshop, please send an e-mail to hb2006@kek.jp.